Why Get Licensed?

Why Should I Be Licensed?

  • A license serves as proof that you are a Journeyman Glazier having completed a state approved training program.
  • During your training you will become knowledgeable in all aspects of the trade.
  • You will learn about the newest products on the market as well as the latest glazing techniques.
  • Knowledge is POWER! The confidence that comes with that knowledge will help you in your day to day dealings with customers.
  • MONEY. A qualified Glazier will generate more revenue for their company and as a result more revenue for themselves.

Why Should My Company Be Licensed?

  • Having a license gives you a competitive edge over an unlicensed company.
  • Able to work on any state or municipal projects.
  • Improves company moral by offering your employees an opportunity to improve their lives.
  • It is an insurance liability having an unlicensed technician performing tasks requiring a license.
  • Properly trained glaziers will result in quality installations, less call backs, and satisfied customers.

In the event of a dispute with a customer an unlicensed company is not recognized by the State of CT as a legitimate company and therefore unable to use the courts.